Why replace what can be repaired ?

The volume of plastic waste from collision repair and steel recycling industries sent to landfills is more than 300,000 tonnes per annum. In Australia alone, 95 % of solid waste is sent to landfills, causing a rise in the demand for suitable repositories. When minor collision damage to plastic bumpers is claimed through insurance, the traditional collision repairers focus on replacing the bumper and repainting the new one to match the requirements.

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Top Five Things that Decrease the Value of a Car for Sale

Most of us buy a car with the intent of using it till it has run its course. But, more often than not, reality intervenes and we are forced to sell to get a bigger car for an expanding family or upgrade the car for the sake of status. When that happens, the condition of your car comes to the fore, and a lot of the sellers are not prepared to face the harsh realities. What they end up getting for their car depends on how well they have kept it. Here are the top five things that you need to address to keep the value of your car from going down any further than it should:

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Should I Claim on Insurance for Minor Damage?

In a nutshell, your insurance excess (or deductible as it is also known) is the fixed amount you have to pay in the event of a claim. For instance, if your excess is $600 and your claim is worth $1300, you will have to pay the first $600 and the insurer will pay the remaining amount. Usually, this is directly paid to the repairer doing the repairs. If the accident is more serious and your vehicle is written off, the excess amount is deducted from the final claim payment. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you can normally claim the excess from the insurer of the party who is responsible, provided they have insurance which unfortunately is not always the case!

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Five Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Car’s Alloy Wheels

In today’s world, the decision maker in most houses is the woman. Whether it’s paying the bills or buying a new TV, women call the shots now. Another area that’s been seeing more women making decisions is the automotive services field. So, if you’re one of those women who make the decisions at home, then it’s good to know a thing or two about the car you’re driving. That way you can be sure about what needs to be done, and not be led astray by misleading advice.

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Child Safety While Reversing

Tragically, at least one child is accidentally run over in the driveway every week in Australia. Young children are inquisitive by nature and always want to see what’s going on. They also move surprisingly fast and can run into a moving vehicle’s path without any warning. A child can move from a safe position and into the vehicle’s path in the time it takes for a driver to say goodbye and get the car started. Toddlers, especially, can be impossible to spot from the inside of a car, especially if they are situated directly behind it. A lot of the drivers are aware of their car’s blind spots and testing on a lot of popular cars shows that the size of the blind spot is large, especially when reversing.

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