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Whether it be cosmetic damage to a single alloy wheel or multiple alloy wheels, Touch Up Guys’ Alloy Wheel Repair System allows for a high-quality, onsite repair saving you time and money.

Gutter rash as it is commonly known, refers to alloy wheel damage either along the edge or on the most external parts based on an alloy wheel’s design.

There are several basic types of alloy or mag wheels including painted, chrome or machine finished. Touch Up Guys’ Alloy Wheel Repair process focuses on painted alloy wheel damage.

Alloy Wheels usually require a significant investment but they do add to the overall appeal and value of a vehicle. When one or more wheels become damaged from scrubbing the gutter or as a result of replacing the tyre, it is an expensive exercise finding an exact match.

Touch Up Guys Alloy Wheel Repair System can revive damaged alloy wheels – saving you time and expense.

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Audi Alloy Wheel scraped on a gutter, Touch Up Guys repairs the damage and resprayed the wheel in the correctly matched colour.

Lexus Alloy Wheel, badly scratched and marked. Touch Up Guys colour matched the unique colour and repaired the rims to factory appearance.