Mobile Chips & Scratch Repair

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“Your Local Touch Up Guy at a Local Call Cost”

Almost every vehicle is susceptible to chips & scratches which create unsightly & annoying blemishes.

Touch Up Guys’ Chips & Scratch Repair System will dramatically reduce those unsightly blemishes, by perfectly matching the paint colour and surface level of the original paintwork.

Many scratches are caused by accidental damage from keys, trolleys and children!!! Touch Up Guys Chips & Scratch Repair System allows for the effect to be greatly minimised, most often to an undetectable level.

Being a mobile service, we are able to come to you for a FREE on-site inspection to ensure we are able to provide a bumper repair that exceeds your expectation.

We can colour match over 55,000 different automobile colours on-site providing you with an accurate and cost effective alternative to a respray.

Contact Touch Up Guys today to arrange an onsite no-obligation FREE quote.

Honda Civic with chipped bonnet from highway driving. This can be brush touched and buffed to restore back to near original condition.

Ford Focus with scratch on the side of the car, scratch buffed out and brush touched to hide it from sight.