Paintless Dent Removal

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Shopping trolleys, other vehicle car doors, kids on bikes and many more causes can result in dents to your car doors and panels. These eye-sores are a very common occurence and can be eliminated via a service known as Paintless Dent Removal (PDR).

Using a series of high tensile levers, the techniques involves “pushing” the dent from the inside outwards. By accessing the internal cavaties within the panel, leverage can be applied to carefully massage the stretched metal back into its original shape without breaking the painted surface.

As mentioned, a dent on a panel actually stretches the metal. This makes it impossible to simply push back into shape with a single (and opposite) force. PDR involves accurately pushing outwards on the dent dozens of times in order to massage the dent back into shape.

PDR is a highly specialised service which does take years to develop. Not all Touch Up Guys provide PDR, but please call as we can refer you to an alternate provider, should your local Touch Up Guys does not offer PDR directly.

Call Touch Up Guys today to either arrange an onsite inspection of your car dents for possible paintless dent repair or provide you with an alternate provider’s details.