Safety Parking Sensors

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Touch Up Guys Safety Parking Sensors alert the driver to many of the hidden dangers which exist in blind spots, as well as minimising the chance of creating unsightly bumper and panel damage. Above all they aid in helping to ensure the safety of children and pedestrians while reversing.

By installing Touch Up Guys Safety Parking Sensors, you will have an instant aid in safely reversing out of your driveway or at a car park. Too often tragic events headline the news whereby an undetected child is accidentally reversed over in their own driveway! Please note that any reversing aids such as Safety Parking Sensors and reversing cameras are only an aid and do not remove the responsibility of the driver to use all safety precautions while in motion.

Touch Up Guys can supply and install Safety Parking Sensors onsite in just a few hours, including the ability to perfectly match the colour of the sensors to your vehicles bumper colour. Black sensors on a light coloured bumper? Not the best look around town.

Most but unfortunately not all vehicles allow for onsite parking sensors installation, so call us today to arrange a no-obligation FREE on-site quote at your home or the office.