Thinking of Selling Your Car? Think

So you’ve got a nice car but ready to upgrade whether it be for a growing family, a hard work reward or just because you want to, you still need to work out what to do with your current ride.

The traditional method of a trade-in is definitely still an option, but too often it is difficult for a dealer to offer you a true value, given that they have to turn around and sell it for a profit albeit a small some times. They are in a tough business just like you, given the choices a car buyer has.

With the advent of the internet and in particular in helping private car owners sell their vehicles, a dominant player has emerged in the form of Carsales Ltd. Their CarSales Network comprises a large array of automotive related websites including the most popular automotive website in Australia This site attracts in excess of 3 times the daily visitors than the nearest competitor site, having over 280,000 unique browsers per day!

So many of Touch Up Guys clients are those wanting a bumper repair, car scratches or stone chips tidied up prior to having a potential buyer view the vehicle. The exterior appearance is obviously a big factor that creates a negotiation point and loss of value. Scraped, cracked and dented bumpers, dull paintwork, chips and scratches can all be repaired onsite within a day.

So if you are looking to present your vehicle in the best possible way, have Touch Up Guys repair that bumper damage, fix those stone chips and scratches, attend to those damaged alloy wheels or spruce up those dull headlight before taking those important photos for your listings. Then, if you are looking to attract the most potential buyers to view your vehicle for sale, Touch Up Guy’s strongly recommends listing on

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