Why should I invest in Paint Protection?

What you should know before getting paint protection done to your car:

1. How old is your car?

The effectiveness of paint protection depends on a number of factors. One of them is the actual age of your paint. If your car is relatively new and there is little surface damage or discolouration to the paint, then paint protection is highly recommended. If not, you may need to attend to any damage first before proceeding while at the same time understanding the Terms and Conditions of any paint protection warranty “fine print”.

2. How about reapplication?

You may not have considered this, but reapplication should be factored in. If you meet with an accident and a section or panel of your car needs to be resprayed or replaced, how will your paint protection fair? In most cases, reapplying is the only option and that could involve finding the same provider who originally provided the coverage. Over time, even in cases of no accidents, you may have to reapply your paint protection, as it will eventually wear off. So make sure you keep handy all information about the original application.

3. Is it worth doing?

Like all things related to cars, the good products cost money. Warranty is another consideration as not all dealers or paint protection applicators offer complete warranties. Making these claims can also be more than a hassle as the fine print may have a number of clauses that make your claims invalid quite quickly. Make sure you know what is and is not covered in your limited warranty.

4. It is not a force field

It will not protect your car from dents, scratches, wilful abrasions and strong chemical accidents. It has its limitations and you will do well to go through them before you set your expectations. Paint Protection is designed to provide a barrier that provides the time to remove damaging substances, which would normally damage the paintwork itself. Tree sap, bird and bat droppings and eggs are some of the most common. Quality paint protections should allow a few days of protection before these highly corrosive substances eat through the barrier and reach the original paintwork.

5. When buying a new car, however

If you are taking a new car straight off the showroom, it does make sense to get a professional high quality car paint protection, how ever do you homework so that when offered at the dealership you know what the value presented actually represents.

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